Feeding Off of the Corpse of the Middle Class: Return of the Parasites

After scattering for four years at the advance of a benevolent Lion at the top of the food chain, to whom they owe their day-to-day survival as parasites at the bottom, the vultures and hyenas — the Bidens and Obamas of the world — have returned en masse to pick up where they left off, feeding off the corpse of the Middle Class, which their utter incompetence and contempt, which their hatred of America and self, started killing off back when Obama was still just a dog eating, community organizing, crack smoking, coke dealing, male prostitute in Chicago who took payment in fellatio from the pudgy white guy in the back of the limo, and then showed up unannounced for seconds at the Embassy Suites the next morning.

I’m Oliver Wright, a freedom fighter, Crypto lawyer and VC, author (Grove Atlantic) and polemicist. https://cyberpunk.lawyer

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